Between Lines

Project Statement

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It is always a good start what becomes personal and subjective for me. I share the intimacy that is reflected in my photos. At the same time, the spectator can seize the story. It is an invitation to discover a world full of fiction where darkness, lights and shadows are traced between lines and enigmatic characters. The place is not important, although my series are being done in different countries. Intimacy and vulnerability are always present. In a certain way, I observe reality from a stage where the lights dwell upon the details and the characters are discovered. In that fictional world, between lights and shadows, between what I emphasize and silence, is where I meet myself.

“Welcome Ana Casal, photographer and author who joined the artists community who was invited to the Galeria Hegoa. I met her in Paris where she introduced her work Between lines to me. I was moved by the poetry of her intimate images, between dreams and reality. Their interiors carry a mixture of solitude and inspiring muses.”

Nathalie Atlan Landaburu
Galeria HEGOA