Artist Statement

I believe that something personal is always a good start. My photographs always carry something autobiographical , just a few drops of my own essence. I leave an echo of myself in the captivating details that arouse my interest. I feel the impulse of following my intuition as if the path had already been traced and I am discovering it. My series were produced in different cities but the place is not important in my work since it is rather about a personal cartography. I tend to illuminate the intimacy of existence. A surrounding darkness and the beauty that emerges from it is an invitation to discover what I emphasize and what I leave in silence. And just like this imagining the story. Among shadows, fiction and light, I find myself.


Ana Casal was born in the south of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She was raised in a family where art and music were highly valued.
She lives and works in Buenos Aires.
From 1978 to 1980, she studied Art history in Madrid. Later on, she studied languages and litterature.
In 1998, the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France awarded her a scholarship in the University of Caen, in Normandy.
She studied at EAF, Argentine School of Photography. She attended workshops and seminars in Buenos Aires, Paris, New York which contributed to improve her art.
She participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions:
Photo Patagonia Festival (2015) in Santa Cruz, Argentina. Alicia D’Amico Gallery, One trip, different times (2016)
Her photographs were selected in the contest of Creativity Award in Belgrano University (2017) (2018) as well as in the Encounters of Photography in the Maison des Peintres, in Arles, France (2018). Encounters of Cinema and Photography, in Cerbère-Portbou (2018), with her series and projection Attentive walkers. As part of the Festival of Light, she participated with her work Fracciones at the Museum of Decorative Art, Cultural Center of Memory Haroldo Conti, Lumiton Audiovisual Museum and Cultural Center San Martín, in Argentina.
She published her book Fracciones which was presented in a solo exhibition in El mas aca Gallery, in Buenos Aires. (2019)
Exhibition Fracciones Museo de Artes Visuales De Trelew, Prov. Of Chubut 2022
She was awarded with a Mention in the Gente de mi Ciudad Contest . Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Her work is exhibited at the Photogallery San Martin Theatre. 2023
She was part of the jury at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Mercedes. Photography Contest. Mercedes Argentina. 2023
Fracciones can be found in bookstores, libraries and galleries in many countries. Her photographs are part of private collections in Argentina, Brazil, the United States and France.
She is represented by Hegoa Galerie in France and Lala Contemporary Gallery in Toronto, Canada.


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I was born in 1960 in Punta Alta, a town in the south of Buenos Aires province, in Argentina. I live and work in Buenos Aires. Art has always been present in my family through its different manifestations like music, sculpture and photography.

Education and Training

2020 Working with a Gallery workshop. Organized by Klompching Gallery and Foto Relevance Gallery. Houston, Texas.
2020 “How stories choose us” conference. Presented by Magnum Agency. FotoFest Houston.
2019 Paris Photo Fair, attendee to fair and talks. Paris France.
2019 FotoFest Meeting Place Paris. Portfolio Review attendee. Paris, France.
2019 Fola Talks: Yumi Goto “Photobook as an object”, Emily Dunne ICP Library “ Japan and photobooks, a history”.
2019 Jula Creation Curation. Contemporary Art.
2019 Encounters of Photography. Arles, France. Portfolio review attendee.
2018 Voies Off Photo Festival. Arles, France. Portfolio Review. Selected by Photoeil Gallery. Fabrezan, France.
2018 “How we evaluate a photography” by Sylvie Hugues in Hegoa Gallery. Paris, France.
2018 Photographic essay workshop with Valeria Bellusci. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 “A sensitive story”. Workshop given by Laurence Leblanc. Arles, France.
2017 Photo edition Workshop with Abraham Votroba. Buenos Aires Argentina.
2016 Festival of Light. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014-2016 Specialization diploma from EAF School of Photography. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013 Design and Edition in photography. Motivarte. Buenos Aires.
2012 Photographic Portrait Workshop. Borges Cultural Centre. Buenos Aires
1998 Literature and Languages. Caen University, Normandy, France.
1978-1980 Art History at Lazaro Galdeano Museum and Museo del Prado. Madrid, Spain.
1977-1980 English and French Literature courses. Madrid


2020 Lala Contemporary Gallery. My country the entire world. Group exhibition. Toronto, Canada.
2020 Arcimboldo Contemporary Art. Portfolio National Prize. Luz Austral Foundation.
2019 Presentation of the book Fractions and individual exhibition. El más acá club cultural Gallery. San Telmo, Buenos Aires.
2018 Immersion Time. Maison des peintres. Arles, France. Group Exhibition.
2018 Attentive Walkers. Photoeil Gallery Prize. Encounters of Photography and Cinema. Cerbère-Portbou, France.
2018 Festival of Light “For Life” Projection of her work Fractions in Museo de Arte Decorativo, Cultural Center Haroldo Conti and Cultural Center San Martín. Buenos Aires Argentina.
2018 Talk and presentation of her works in Lumiton Audiovisual and Cinema Museum within the framework of the Festival of Light. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018-2017 Artistic Photography Creativity Prize and Mention. Universidad de Belgrano. Argentina.
2016 Photo Patagonia Sombras. Santa Cruz, Argentina.
2016 Alicia D’Amico Gallery. A trip in different times. Group Exhibition.