Project Statement

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I completed this series at different times between 2014 and 2018. Each photograph reflects a search and it is an honest reinforcement of what was lived and experienced. In most of the pictures, I am moving around walking through the streets . In others, I am standing motionless behind a curtain, just projecting a shadow being reflected on a mirror, immersed in my surroundings, always observing myself and observing, in a certain way, the self portrait. Beyond the allegories, I reveal my thoughts about fadings and traces of time. The places where I show myself are not relevant in my work. It is sort of a personal cartography, as if my photos were my steps and if I were guided by the invisible power of intuition. That accurate compass that adjusts itself to our emotions and perceptions. I am interested in the self portrait; it is introspective. By doing so, you become aware of yourself, of its meaning, of its value, of its significance. Fracciones is an exploration of my inner world that I invite you to know.


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